The art of disappearance

Could there be a possibility to run off and disappear without a trace? Or is this modern world to complex to manage such a thing? Is it worth the effort? What will happen and what will it cost? Strange thoughts goes through my mind at the moment, my nights are filled with the same thoughts. I can't seem to relax and I'm always looking over my shoulder to see if someone is there? This last winter revealed that someone wants to see me destroyed, I hope that fuckface understands what those letters and e-mails have done to me. The best way to deal with a mentally insane person is to avoid them. And I think I'll have to run away for good just to avoid this mess.
If I get a chance I will do everything I can to destroy you, stop being a jerk. Show your face so I know who my enemy is.
Can't stand it much more, can someone get me off the hook?


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